Why Mommy Magdalene?

The letter M follows me.

I was christened with the name Molly Marie.

My maiden name starts with an M.

My married name starts with an M.

When you add the “Mrs.” I have FIVE damn M’s in my name.  What the hell, Universe?  It feels like the kind of name that should belong to someone far craftier or girlier or something MORE than what I am.  But it’s me.  So why not lean into it a little bit?

This is the blog Mommy Magdalene, written by Molly Marie, whose maiden and married names both begin with an M.  Kind of rolls off the tongue, eh?

The “Mommy” part should be fairly obvious.  Roughly nine and a half months ago, I pushed a human out of my vagina and was thrust into a world that was far harder than my super-difficult pregnancy.  I own that title.

The “Magdalene” is a bit more complicated.  Mary Magdalene is a fascinating and fairly misunderstood character of the Bible.  I’m no historian, but I have been involved with several churches and was alive during the crazy Dan Brown Da Vinci Code craze.  The lovely Double-M Mary Magdalene has three very different interpretations:

  1. She’s a prostitute.
  2. She’s a worthy woman, a student of Christ, notable just enough to be included in the Bible.
  3. She’s Christ’s wife.

Now, I am pretty much none of those three things.  But, like Mary, I can be very different under different interpretations.  I have, at various times in my life, felt like a saint.  I have, at others, felt like the worst sinner around.

Right now, elbow-deep in diapers, recovering from a faith I still feel betrayed by, fresh out of the turmoil of a loved one’s addiction, I just want to be somewhere in the middle.

Molly Marie makes for the middle, with a midnight blog “Mommy Magdalene.”

Fucking M’s.

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